Use Cases

  1. Wiki : pedia, books, tionary, voyage; run using Kiwix
  2. Podcast
  3. Local Wiki
  4. Mesh portal run by apache/nginx
  5. Host a personal website/webapp


  1. How to setup kiwix? Download binary.
  2. Run GUI. Add zim files. Serve.
  3. Where to find zim files? here. boom!
  4. Run kiwix with Apache server
  5. Bonus : run wiki with mediawiki
  6. Let people browse


Get information from neo, Prasanna

Local Wiki

Get information about Cookipedia from Prasanna

Mesh portal

  1. Show the mesh portal at Opendrops
  2. Host with nginx server
  3. Hardcode naming : but how? ask selva

Host a personal web page

piece of cake!

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