Mesh Network Practical Guide

This book is an attempt to carefully document my experiences in building a mesh network at Puducherry, India. It should serve as a guide for myself and anyone interested in building a mesh network in their city. Unfortunately, the resources on mesh network, while plenty, are not available in an organized fashion, in one place. In this book, I strive to achieve that.

My knowledge on Mesh network can be classified into hardware, software and social. Hardware involves Radio spectrum, Router, Antenna and WiFi chips. Software involves system configuration in routers, P2P applications over network and tools that support and secure the applications. Social knowledge contains ideas and techniques, to involve people to contribute to the project, a community building exercise and to spread awareness among common people.

While I call this book a "practical" guide, theoretical concepts on both hardware and software ends, are added wherever necessary.

Puducherry Meshnet

Peer-2-Peer Community WiFi initiate by the people, for the people and of the people at Pondicherry. We are not Internet Service Providers. Our objective is to create peer-to-peer network infrastructure and deploy decentralized and peer-to-peer applications on the network.</font></h4>

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