1. Device Compatibility check : url, hardware version
  2. Network configuration
  3. Setting up batman-adv; at /etc/config/ : network, wireless, batman-adv, dhcp
  4. Compilation from source : toolchain
  5. Configuration through ip/ipconfig
  6. Adhoc and Infrastructure bridging
  7. Flashing router : wired
  8. Troubleshooting : manual flashing?, wireshark, manual IP

Device Compatibility Check

Openwrt compatible routers

Adhoc and Infrastructure bridging

bridging adhoc and infrastructure

Network Configuration

Manual config : Need to add details on configuring batman

Setting up batman-adv


  1. /etc/config/*
  2. network
  3. wireless
  4. batman-adv
  5. dhcp

Compilation from source

Find a tutorial. Leave Prasanna a message to get information on it.

Flashing router

pretty straight forward. find an image. upload it.


Know when to ask for help : Selva, Prasanna

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