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Theory, Performance, Differences, Distinct Advantages


BMX6 is the successor of BMX daemon (BMXd) which emerged as an independent branch from BATMAN. It is a table-driven protocol for wireless mesh network. BMX6 is a distance vector protocol as each node manages information as a list of tuples : (destination node, next hop, cost). The desimnation protocol used by BMX6 is inspired by social networks.


  1. Batman-adv : kernel protocol
  2. batctl : utility to control batman device
  3. Version compatibility
  4. Compilation from source
  5. Where to find binaries for router?


  1. It is part of the linux kernel 2.4.x something
  2. Check batman-adv presence using kmod something


an utility to write to and read from dev files

Compilation from source

  1. Version compatibility : this link
  2. compile batctl and batman-adv in ubuntu

Where to find binaries for router?

provide a link to openwrt site

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