• batctl is a tool to configure and debug the batman-adv kernel module
  • A convenient interface to the settings and status information of batman-adv
  • Provides a layer-2 version of ping, traceroute and tcpdump


  • Ping and traceroute nodes based on their MAC-addresses
  • Parse logfiles to discover routing loops
  • Retrieve live information from the batman-adv module
  • Debug information : originator tables, translation tables, debug log

batctl can show,

  1. A list of other mesh nodes in the network (originators)
  2. Lists of none-mesh nodes connected to the network (clients or neighbors)
  3. A list of available gateways in the network
  4. Log messages from the batman-adv module (if debug is compiled into the module)


  1. Add and remove interfaces to the mesh network
  2. Set or change parameters of batman-adv module
  3. Enable or disable features of batman-adv. (e.g. gateway announcements)

Live demo of using batctl; get screenshots of using batctl

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