Kiwix is offline web browser initially used to browse wikipedia content. Kiwix serves offline content from dump files called zim files. We can download zim files for several projects from Wikimedia such as Wikipedia, Wikibooks and Project Gutenberg from Kiwix content page.

Launching kiwix

Download Kiwix from or sourceforge repo and extract it. Kiwix comes with a suite of utilities. If we look at the extracted Kiwix directory we will find a executable file names kiwix. Go ahead and execute it. You will have something like this on your screen. Kiwix browser

Adding ZIM files to Kiwix

As we know, we need to feed Kiwix with ZIM files, go and download few useful ZIM files from here.

Go to File -> Open File Open-File

I am adding Wikibooks ZIM file.

Adding Wikibooks ZIM files

After adding, you can read the entire wikibooks with no internet access. A whole lot of books for free without internet.

Serving Content

You can read the same content through you web broswer or even better, you can share the content over http so that others can read it in their favourite device, be it laptop or a mobile phone.

Serving content over webserver

Go to Tools -> Server


Select a port of your choice, and then click Start.

Go to your web browser and read!!!

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