1. Version compatibility : this link
  2. compile batctl and batman-adv in ubuntu


First thing you should do before compiling batman-adv or batctl, is to find the versions, compatible with your kernel. Take my system for example.

When I do

uname -a

I find that my kernel version is 3.19.0-x. The next step is to go to this page, and look for my kernel version.

linux 3.17-3.19 => batman-adv 2014.4.x (get batctl 2014.4.x from here)

Now we need batman-adv 2014.4.x and batctl 2014.4.x. We can get them both from here.


  1. Go to this page
  2. Find kernel compatible version of batman-adv
  3. Extract archive
# compile
make -j4
# find module
ls *.ko
# insert module
sudo insmod batman-adv.ko
# check version
batctl -v


  1. Find batman-adv compatible batctl package from this page
  2. Extract archive
# compile
make -j4
# install
sudo make install
# check version
batctl -v

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