Decentralized Applications

Imagine, you asked your friend or neighbour to connect to the PYMESH Wifi signal. Since there is no Internet connection on this network, they also cannot access any website or webpages that runs on the World Wide Web.

But since people are used to open the browser or an app (if they are on the smartphone) to visit the website whenever they connect to a Wi-Fi network, they will also try to do the same when they connect to this PYMESH Wi-Fi signal. They will have no clue, if we do not tell them what they can do on this network.

If they cannot use their browser to do something on this network, then they will definitely feel powerless. To give them power, we could setup and host web apps on the network.

The idea of self-hosting such applications on the network is to make sure that people find something to do when they connect to this network.

Examples of such applications include,

  1. Social Networks - You can invite your neighbours on your street or the apartment to join this social network. GNU Social, Diaspora are such examples.
  2. Wiki Pages - People can create pages and can write about any subject collaboratively., Wikipedia are such examples.

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